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Welcome to Rust Belt Vintage, Trovesters! And welcome to our new e-commerce site! We are so very happy to extend our store nationally, so now those of you who have been asking, “Do you ship?” The answer now is a resounding, “YES!”

This is our first post, so we’ll use up the space to tell you that purpose of this blog.

First, we’re Elizabeth and Mary. We are both born and bred Rockford girls. In fact, our parents still live a short few blocks for Trove in the same house. Growing up, Rockford was an idyllic town. Manufacturing was booming. Everyone’s dads worked at Sunstrand, Ingersoll or Woodward Governor. We road our bikes all over the neighbor and spent all day outdoors. My brother’s skitched cars in the winters and we built iced sled trails down the hill in the back yard. We LOVED Rockford. And although it’s changed over the years we STILL DO!

As many of you know, the building that houses Trove at 2410 Jackson St. was first a neighborhood grocery store built in the 1930s called first Lenny’s and then Earl’s, and then Bloom’s Candy in the 1970s. All the neighborhood kids would ride bikes up to Bloom’s and buy candy necklaces and cigarettes and wax lips. It is a place of fond memories – a place that reminds us of the idyllic town in which we grew up.

We are so happy to be located in this building that brings back such great memories! And we are very thankful for all of our customers and neighbors.

So what is this blog?

Well, we hope it’s a place that readers can come to see what’s new at Trove. It’s a place to open up discussions about Rockford and ways we can all make it better. It’s about the relationship between two sisters who are running a business together (we’ve only gotten into one fight since we’ve opened, which is unbelievable for two girls who shared a room, stole each other’s clothes and threw scissors at each other — well, that only happened once and thankfully neither of us were very accurate. It will be about dogs and kids and shopping…

And it will give you design and decor tips.

And we’re open to suggestions! Just email us at and let us what you want to know. And if we don’t know the answer, we’ll certainly try to find it for you!

Thanks for reading. And welcome to Rust Belt Vintage!

Elizabeth & Mary

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